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Accredited by The Council for Six Sigma Certification 

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  • Want to TRULY take their careers to the next level

  • Want to DRASTICALLY improve their problem solving skills

  • Want to lead projects with EXTREME assertiveness

  • Want to be financially INDEPENDENT

  • Want to be HIGHLY EMPLOYABLE (corporate or consultant) 


Flexible content access

Globally recognized certifications (YB+GB+BB)

Live mentoring sessions with Prof. Marcelo 

Exclusive WhatsApp support group

1 - Lean Six Sigma White Belt Curriculum: Lean and Six Sigma Principles and Concepts, The Importance of Variability and Waste Reduction, Introduction to Control Charts, Introduction to Capability Analysis, History of Continuous Improvement (focus on Deming and Juran), Introduction to DMAIC - Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control, Introduction to Measurement System Analysis, Notions of Root Cause Analysis, Importance of Control Plan and Applicability of Lean Six Sigma in Comparison to Other Continuous Improvement Methods. 
2 - Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Curriculum: it does include White Belt content in addition to Project Charter, SMART Principle, Pyramid Structure to Problem Statement, Continuous Data vs. Discrete Data, 8 Types of Waste, Root Cause Analysis Tools: Ishikawa and 5 Whys, Introduction to VSM, Detailed P-Map, SIPOC, Notions of Project Selection, Difference Between Lean Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), P-chart, I-MR chart, Capability Analysis for Continuous and Discrete Data, Hypothesis Test: 2 proportions and 2 sample t, Final Process Improvement Validation Techniques, Histogram, Box Plot, Pareto, Cost of Poor Quality, Dealing with Challenging Stakeholders and High Performing Teams.
3 - Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Curriculum: it does include White Belt and Yellow Belt content in addition to the following main topics: VoC, Kano Model, Time Series Plot, Pairwise Comparison, Multivoting, 5s, Standardization, Poka Yoke, SMED, Critical to Quality (CTQ) definition, Lean Six Sigma players (Champion, Process Owner, Core Team and Expanded Team Members), Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Multiple Box Plots, Histogram, Chi Square, ANOVA, Impact Effort Matrix, C and U Control Charts, I-MR Control Chart, Xbar R Control Chart, Xbar S Control Chart, Correlation Analysis, Simple Linear Regression, Measurement System Analysis (MSA), Gage R&R, Attribute Agreement Analysis, Kappa, Notions of Design of Experiments (DOE), Notions of Response Optimization (Desirability), Before and After Improvement Validation.   
4 - Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Curriculum: it does include White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt content in addition to the following main topics: Advanced Brainstorming Tools, System Thinking, Stakeholder Analysis, Notions of ADKAR, Kendall's Coefficient of Concordance, Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Financial Measures, Team Formation, Linearity, Bias, Type 1 Study, Attribute Agreement Analysis for Ordinal Data, Attribute Agreement Analysis for Nominal Data, Non-normal Probability Distributions, Capability Analysis for Non-normal Data, Box-Cox Transformation, Johnson Transformation, Overall Labor Effectiveness (OLE), Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Central Limit Theorem, Power and Sample Size, Paired T Test, 1 Sample Sign Test, 1 Sample Wilcoxon Test, Mann-Whitney Test, Kruskal-Wallis Test, Mood’s Median Test, Design of Experiments (DOE): Full Factorial, Design of Experiments (DOE): Fractional Factorial, Design of Experiments (DOE): Response Surface Methodology, Design of Experiments (DOE): Definitive Screening, Design of Experiments (DOE): Placket Burman, Multiple Regression, Notions or CART.



High Quality Content

All sessions were prepared with high quality content and energy by Prof. Marcelo! Full of practical exercises including both technical and soft tools/techniques to make you an elite professional! This is a life changing certification program! It includes three certifications: Yellow, Green and Black Belt. *White Belt is also available in case you still don't have it.

Exclusive WhatsApp Group

There will be an exclusive WhatsApp BB group for discussions, Q&A and networking. I will be part of this group and will be happy to take as many questions as needed to guarantee you are well supported in your learning journey.  

Live Mentoring Sessions

Prof. Marcelo will be offering live mentoring sessions to support your project and/or specific application of LSS tools and techniques in your day-to-day work. This is extremely powerful to help you connecting content to real life. 

Unlimited Test Takes

Unlimited test takes at no extra charge. Dive into learning without the fear of limitations, refining your skills at your own pace. Our commitment to your success means you can revisit assessments until you feel confident, fostering a stress-free and supportive educational environment.

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"I always dreamed about being a Black Belt certified by Prof. Marcelo Fernandes! This certification opened innumerous professional opportunities for me."

Bruno Pradella (Brazil)

Certified Black Belt by Prof. Marcelo Fernandes


"No one can teach Lean Six Sigma like Prof. Marcelo Fernandes. He is a true master and he cares so much about his students."

Marcela Moreno (Mexico)

Certified Black Belt by Prof. Marcelo Fernandes


"Marcelo is the best Lean Six Sigma instructor I have ever met."

Susanna Watson (USA)

Certified Black Belt by Prof. Marcelo Fernandes


"Marcelo is an outstanding Professor!"

Matt Wildsmith (United Kingdom)

Certified Black Belt by Prof. Marcelo Fernandes


"I consider Prof. Marcelo as my brother. During the certification process he was so close to me that we became friends! His teaching style is absolutely amazing!"

Tracy Xie (Singapore)

Certified Black Belt by Prof. Marcelo Fernandes

About your professor

Prof. Marcelo Machado Fernandes (PhD)
(PhD, MSc, ASQ CMBB, CSSBB, Scrum Master)


Prof. Marcelo Machado Fernandes (PhD) is an expert in inspiring people to walk the journey of operational excellence! Passionate about the combination of Science and Art, Marcelo believes that simplicity and impact must go hand in hand, with education being the key to any sustainable improvement process.

Electrical engineer (UNIFEI) with master's degree (UNIFEI) and doctorate (UNESP) in Production Engineering and 20 years of experience in multinationals in the manufacturing and services sectors. Led / coached over 500 Lean Six Sigma projects in more than 50 countries in Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. He trained more than 100,000 White, Yellow, Green, Black and Master Black Belts from more than 100 different nationalities.

He published several articles in conferences and journals, had several Lean Six Sigma projects awarded at Philips, Delphi Automotive Systems and Nielsen. He worked as a Black Belt at Philips Displays, Master Black Belt at Delphi Automotive Systems and as a Global Lean Six Sigma Consultant at Nielsen.

Marcelo developed Nielsen's global continuous improvement program and the results were recognized by the International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC) as the second best continuous improvement program in the world at OPEX Week in the USA. In 2022 Marcelo won the prestigious Mario Csillag Medal from the Brazilian Academy for Quality.

Marcelo is the main author of the cover story of the respected Quality Progress Journal (ASQ) - Feb-19 edition co-authored with Prof. Jiju Antony (considered by Google Scholar as the author with the largest number of publications in Lean Six Sigma in the world).

Marcelo is a Minitab Certified Training Provider and an ASQ Certified Master Black Belt.

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